• Dogs park

    Dogs Park

    In the dog’s area the pet is free to run and play without leash or muzzle, under the owner responsibility.

    Is obligation of the owner to use the leash all over the property, even in the green areas, in order to avoid the risk of danger for people, things or other animals, in case it would be necessary,  it will be mandatory also the muzzle.

    Please note that the owner will be civilly liable for any action of his own animal.

    It is mandatory to collect the evacuation of the own dog, keeping the areas clean

    Entrance is forbidden for dogs in the swimming pool zone and kids play ground


    “Animals are not only able to love, but also want to be loved

    C. Darwin”

    Please remember that:

    • We can accomodate one dog per apartment
    • The extra fee for the dog is €5 per night.
    • The vaccinations booklet must be up to date
    • If you come from abroad (intra or extra CEE) your pet needs rabies vaccine.


    Per favore inserisci di seguito i dati di contatto e un breve messaggio e proveremo a risponderti al più presto.

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