“Li ruscelletti che de’ verdi colli/del Casentin discendon giuso in Arno,/facendo i lor canali freddi e molli,/sempre mi stanno innanzi, e non indarno […]”,
so reminiscent of Dante Alighieri ‘s Divine Comedy rivers of the Casentino. Guests have the opportunity to fish the famous trout of the Casentino to Stay at the company Agroittica Alto Casentino ( Pucini ) and then, we advise you to prepare trout with the following recipe :
Trout sauce : poached trout with herbs and sfilettarla . Sauté garlic , parsley, tomato , salt, pepper and chili. Finish cooking the trout. With crayfish sauce : Clean the prawns. Make a sauce with garlic , parsley, tomato , pepper, salt and pepper, add the shrimp and cook .
Fried baby trouts : Clean the trout , flour them and fry in hot oil. Drain them in yellow paper and salt . Trout Livorno ( stew) : trout fry clean. Prepare a sauce with garlic, parsley and tomato. Put the fried trout and finish cooking . Grilled trout : Clean the trout , season with chopped parsley , rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper, inside and outside the belly . Before grilling roll in bread crumbs . Once cooked, seasoned with a mixture of olive oil and lemon .
Trout Bellavista : Boil in plenty of water trout along with carrots , onions, celery , zucchini and potatoes. When cooked, leave to cool in the pan and remove it only when it is cold to avoid breaking it. Diliscarla gently and decorate it with mayonnaise , black olives, parsley broth and all vegetables cut into small pieces .

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