Park and Kitchen Garden

Nature, space, clean air and fresh are the things that guests appreciate more the Residence Borgo Caiano .

The park surrounding the residence is approximately 3 acres, is fenced . Inside the park , a short walk from the apartments , there is free parking for customers.
The park has vegetation typical of the Tuscan Apennines of 800 meters above sea level: bright green ferns and tall fir trees are interspersed with beech, chestnut and oak trees.
The oxygen is not lacking for this many guests feel relaxed after spending a few days at the Residence. This is an added value for us and we are proud!
In the highest part of the village there is an area dedicated to the vegetable.
We have created a kitchen garden near the old trees of apples and pears.
For anyone who wants to can pick our tomatoes , pumpkins, eggplants, cucumbers, lettuce and herbs for cooking … because the taste of a freshly picked fruit is unique!
“Gaetano ,” our guardian scare – sparrows , watch over the Garden .


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